Call for Artistic Works


ICT and literature: metamorphosis of literature



Giovanna Di Rosario, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Kristóf Fenyvesi, University of Jyväskylä, Finland


At the conference, there will be an exhibition on electronic literature – “ICT and Literature: Metamorphosis of Literature” – showing different possible forms of electronic literature: from electronic poetry, to fictional hypertexts, to generative texts, etc..

This e-literature exhibition will be co-curated by Giovanna Di Rosario and Kristóf Fenyvesi, and all submitted artwork will undergo a refereeing process. The primary intent of the e-lit exhibition is to foster interaction between exhibiting artists and conference participants. Thus we expect artists to attend the conference if at all possible and require them to register once they obtain the notification that their work has been accepted.

Subjects and scope

This exhibition is particularly linked to the Track “As we may teach – ICT in education: an odd couple“. So we invite artists to propose works that focus on this thematic. Possible forms include but are not limited to:

  • Fictional hypertext; E-poetry;
  • New narratives and augmented narratives
  • Generative texts and videogames poetry
  • Visual poetry and visual narrative
  • Procedural texts and combinatorial texts


An artist can submit only one piece of work. The exhibition space will only accommodate a limited number of works, which may necessitate rejecting some high quality pieces. Images of accepted artworks will also be published in the conference art catalog.

Abstracts should be submitted through the conference’s own system including a) full name and affiliation (academic or independent artist); b) 250 word description; c) technical needs/precise set-up time for proposed work.

If the work is published online, artists are kindly asked to add the URL at which the work is located. If the work is not available online, artists are required to send to Giovanna Di Rosario or Kristóf Fenyvesi (Dept. of Arts and Culture Studies P.O. Box 35 (JT), FIN–40014 University of Jyväskylä Finland) a copy of their work.


Laura Borràs, Giovanna Di Rosario, Kristóf Fenyvesi, Leonardo Flores, Loss Pequeño Glazier, Raine Koskimaa, Nohelia Meza, Alexandra Saemmer


Giovanna Di Rosario:
Kristóf Fenyvesi:

Important dates

Submission deadline: 10 March 2015
Notification of acceptance:  7 April  2015

(Note that these deadlines are different from those that refer to the Calls for Papers.)