Call for Sponsors

ISIS Summit Vienna 2015

Response and Responsibility of the Sciences of Information

Vienna University of Technology, June 3-7, 2015



The International Society for Information Studies Summit Vienna 2015 is the first meeting of that kind.

It gathers different communities that

  • research into any aspect of information, information society and information technology,
  • develop or implement social or technological applications, or
  • have an interest in participating in setting the goals for those sciences of information.

It is a trans-disciplinary endeavour posing the quest for a good society, for a better society, in which social and technological innovations help make information key to the flourishing of humanity and dispense with the dark side of information society.

An impressive list of invited speakers guarantees a lively debate on multiple topics.

The Summit expects to attract 300 participants from academia, industry, politics, and civil society.

Sponsorship programme

We invite both academic and non-academic organisations to take part in our sponsorship programme.

By sponsoring the Summit,

  • You can contribute to the success of a unique event in the field of information;
  • You can demonstrate your support for responsible science;
  • You can give proof of your organisation being ready to work towards a humane information society;
  • You can draw the attention of participants, network with them, and engage in shared projects.


We provide several options.

Bronze package: By sponsoring the Summit in the amount of 1.000,00 EUR or more,

  • You will be listed with your logo and hyperlink as sponsor in the appropriate category;
  • You will receive 2 tickets for the whole Summit.

Silver package: By sponsoring the Summit in the amount of 2.000,00 EUR or more,

  • You will, in addition, be able to be in charge of a Summit session according to the programme setting.

Gold package: By sponsoring the Summit in the amount of 3.000,00 EUR or more,

  • You will, in addition, be able to run a stand and disseminate material.

There are two more options besides those packages.

First, also smaller amounts are welcome: By sponsoring the Summit in the amount of 500,00 EUR or more,

  • You will be listed with your logo and hyperlink.

Second, you can (co-)sponsor special events at the Summit: By sponsoring the Reception on the first day, Coffee Breaks, a Lunch, or the Social Dinner on the last day,

  • That event will be named after you.


In case you are interested or have something special in mind, please, contact:

Dr Robert Jahn
Secretary General, ISIS

Gobergasse 1
1130 Vienna

Phone: +43 699 18706576