Fundamentals of information processes


In general


John Collier Information dynamics, self-organization and the implications for management
Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic Interdisciplinary research and information dynamics
Yixin Zhong Methodology shift in Information Studies

Conference Streams

DTMD 2015: Information and values: ethics, spirituality and religion

ICPI 2015: Integration of the Philosophy of Information and Information Science
Kun Wu

Speeches and paper sessions


Information in the exact sciences and symmetries: Approaches of physics versus those of philosophy of science
Moderator Gyorgy Darvas

Information Science and Semiotics – and beyond
Søren Brier, John Collier, Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Pedro C. Marijuán
Round table
Moderator Joseph Brenner

Transdisciplinary response and responsibility of the sciences of information
Solomon Marcus, Basarab Nicolescu
Speeches and paper sessions
Moderators Søren Brier and Liqian Zhou

Triangular relationship information–reality–cognition through the prism of physical–biological–cognitive sciences, computing and philosophy
Søren Brier, John Collier, Pedro C. Marijuán, Robert K. Logan
Speeches and paper sessions
Moderators Marcin Schroeder and Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic

Weaving the understanding of information
Paper session
Moderators José María Díaz Nafría, Francisco Salto Alemany and Marcus Abundis


In nature and society


Manuel Bohn Human communication and cooperation from an evolutionary perspective
Terrence Deacon How information lost its meaning (and how to recover it)
Robert K. Logan The applications of teleodynamics to social systems
Günther Witzany Biocommunication and Natural Genome Editing – A new concept for the emergence of biological information


(Big) History of information
Paper session
Moderator László Z. Karvalics

Emergent systems, information and society
Vincent Brannigan, Werner Ebeling, Rainer Feistel and Klaus Fuchs-Kittowski
Speeches and paper session
Moderators Wolfgang Hofkirchner and Hans-Jörg Kreowski

Human resilience and human vulnerability
Case presentation
Moderator Brigitte Sindelar

Progress and achievements in Information Studies in China
Paper sessions
Moderators Xueshan Yan and Yixin Zhong

The ethics of foundations
Paper sessions
Moderator Rainer E. Zimmermann