Day Five: Sunday, 7 June, 2015

9:00 Social systems design and transformation


Robert K. Logan The Teleodynamics of Culture, Language, Organization, Science, Economics and Technology (CLOSET)
Markus F. Peschl Emergent Innovation: sustainable innovation as learning from the future as it emerges

11:00 ICT and literature: metamorphosis of literature

Artistic works
Track: Presentations and round table

Bryan Barrachina Cursed Poems
David Clark 88 Constellations
Domenico Chiappe Hotel Minotauro/Minotaur Hotel (english and spanish)
Rodolfo Mata Silencio vacio
Ottar Ormstad When
Jörg Piringer Unicode
Jaka Železnikar More Sara’s Giggles
Alexandra Saemmer et Collectif hyperf iction Conduit d’aération 
Aleix Corts and Cori Pedrola Videolit: how to teach literature thanks to new media

11:00 Open space

13:00 Homo sapiens before the information age

Walpurga Antl-Weiser, naturhistorisches museum wien
Communication and technology of early Homo sapiens in Europe from an archaeological perspective

13:00 Open space

14:30 to 17:30 Shore leave to Dürnstein 

Excursion to Willendorf excavation site (shuttle available)

18:00 Closing Session

Social dinner