The Internet and Social Media at a Crossroads: Capitalism or Commonism? (ICTS 2015)

5th ICTs and Society Conference

Perspectives for Critical Political Economy and Critical Theory



4 June, 11:00 Session 1

Christian Fuchs Critical Theory of the Internet: The Importance of Raymond Williams, Dallas Smythe, and Herbert Marcuse Today
Jörg Becker Media and Information Technology: Social control from above & outside and from below & inside

6 June, 9:00 Session 8

Stefania Milan Big Data and the understanding of the political
Payal Arora Big data Commons and the global South



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Christian Fuchs, University of Westminster, London, UK
Marisol Sandoval, City University London, UK
Thomas Allmer, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Sebastian Sevignani, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany