ISIS Summit Vienna 2015

Response and Responsibility of the Sciences of Information

Vienna University of Technology, June 3-7, 2015



The inter- and transdisciplinary, interactive Programme of the Summit is realised through sessions that are dedicated to specific Topics. Sessions comprise Speeches, Conference Streams and Tracks as different formats. They are organised in 90 minutes time slots of the Schedule in different locations of the Venue.

The programme is subject to last minute up-dates.

Here you can download the Programme as of 29 May, 2015.



Here you get an overview of what is scheduled when and where.

Legend: The header shows the format of the session. The colour indicates the following features:

  • Red: Invited Speakers
  • Orange: (semi-)plenary session
  • Yellow: Stream ICTS
  • Blue: Stream DTMD
  • Purple: Stream ICPI

Click on any item underlined to get information about the details of the programme or follow the links below.

You can download the Overview here.


Have a look at the “who”. Speeches are invited talks that stand alone or form part of Conference Streams or Tracks. Browse here for confirmed speakers.


Have a look at the “what”: The breakdown of the overall theme of the Summit to Speeches, Conference Streams and Tracks.

Conference Streams

Conference Streams are taken care of by different communities that hold the meeting they regularly hold this time within the framework of the Summit. Those communities take the role of co-initiators.


Tracks are taken care of by different communities or individuals that design a part of the Summit with regard to their interests. Those being in charge take the role of co-organisers. Tracks might have called for papers or not (they are paper sessions or workshops, round tables, or else).


Have a look at the “when”. See the details of each day.


Have a look at the “where”. Learn more about the different locations, the host and other places worth visiting.