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The Venus moves home

The naturhistorisches museum wien works on a refurbished prehistory exhibition. The Venus of Willendorf gets a new home (see picture (photo: nhm) – on the right, Dr. Walpurga Antl who accompanied us on the ship excursion). By the way, new methods of

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Algorithmic regimes

The World-Information Institute, residing in Vienna, founded by Konrad Becker and Felix Stalder, together with the TU Vienna Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology, holds a one-day conference on 25 September 2015 on the regulatory politics of code and

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Feature in Information Today

The latest issue of Information Today features highlights of our Summit such as the unpacking of Shannon’s wrongly labeled “Information Theory” (Terrence W. Deacon, UC Berkeley, and Yixin Zhong, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), new frontiers of the science of information (Wojciech Szpankowski, Purdue

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