Beyond bureaucracy

Track: Workshop

Perspectives and challenges of sustainable, non-bureaucratic government



Alois Paulin, Institute of Computer Aided Automation, Vienna University of Technology


The workshop is about goying beyond what human kind had so far in terms of governing societies. About going beyond electing representatives every couple of years, who then steer the vast bureaucratic machinery which we perceive as “the state”. It’s about how ICTs enable humanity to fundamentally restructure the government of the public domain.

Think about it for a while: we’re the first generation in human civilization, which has available a ripe set of ICTs. Never ever in human history before we could interact in a way we can do nowadays. Besides: ICTs have reached a level of maturity and penetration in the last ten years, which enables us to go truly beyond approaches we have seen so far.

In the last few decades we have seen radical transformation in telecommunications, in transport, logistics, credit transfer, navigation, etc., etc. But we haven’t yet seen transformation in the government of public matters. Well, sure, we saw things like online tax returns, e-voting, open data. But, let’s be frank – that’s only using ICTs to imitate old principles of government, it’s not beyond bureaucracy.


The event is spearheaded by a growing community of distinguished scientists (we’re working on having some interesting non-science people there as well), such as …

Sahar Sahebdivan, University of St Andrews, UK
Simon Delakorda, Institute of e-Participation, Slovenia
Uroš Pinterič, University of St. Cyril and Methodius, Slovakia
Marko M. Skoric, City University of Hong Kong
Leonidas Anthopoulos, TEI Larissa, Greece
Zhendong Ma, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
Matouš Hrdina, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic


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