China and the global information society

Track: Paper sessions

A West-East-discourse



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Robert M. Bichler, Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication Studies, University of Salzburg; Project Coordinator, CeTeCh (Centro de Capacitación Técnico Chichigalpa), Chichigalpa, Nicaragua
Thomas Herdin, Assistant Professor, Transkulturelle Kommunikation, Department of Communication Studies; Co-founder and Coordinator, Master Exchange Program between China and Austria; University of Salzburg


The People’s Republic of China, with an estimated total population going beyond 1.35 billions, is one of the fastest growing telecommunication markets in the world, whereas the total number of Internet users for example exceeds the number of users in the European Union. There is no doubt that the country is becoming a new superpower in various ways, including the IT sector. Although China is becoming a central player in the offline- and online-world, there are still many misconceptions, especially in the West, about the way the information society is emerging and shaped by the citizens. This track strives for shedding more light on current developments taking place in China on its way to an information society by providing a discussion forum for Eastern and Western scholars.