Progress and achievements in Information Studies in China




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Yixin Zhong The Law of Information Conversion and Intelligence Creation
Dongsheng Miao The information Studies in China is on the way
Liqian Zhou A Review of Approaches of Western Information Studies
Xueshan Yan Three Unifications and Their Finals in the Approach to Information Studies
Xuegang Yao Structural Analysis of Human Information
Feng Xiao Multiple Implications of The Informationalism
Chuan Zhao The Frontiers of Intelligence Science
Gang Liu A Chinese Approach to The Concept of Information
Jiyi Yan Information Makes Humans Running on Mobius Ring Possible
Wenhao Li An Information Breakthrough Which Refrain A Trap
Weiguo Yang The Image Information May be The Solution to the Meaning of Consciousness
Weiguo Yang A New Concept in The Mail Box in General Could Be A better Way to The Explanation of Certain Systems of DNA
Xian Han Luo The Matter-Information Theory
Yixin Zhong On Information Definitions and Modeling


Xueshan Yan, Department of Information Management, Peking University, Beijing, China
Yixin Zhong, School of Computing, University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China


Promoted by many scholars, the International Society for Information Studies China Chapter under preparation has decided to propose China Sessions within the Summit-2015 program for having a dedicated platform to exchange with all friends concerning the achievements and points of view in information studies.