The ethics of foundations

Track: Paper sessions

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Enrique Diez Gutierrez and Marcelo Leon Castro Is the civic attitude of e-participation really wise in the current information society?
Francisco Salto Justifying norms: The case of the conventional justification of conventions and the logical justification of logic
Nan Wang What is Cyberspace: through Don Ihde’s eyes
Rainer E. Zimmermann The Metaphysical Ground of Information Processing
Otto Lehto Spinoza to Darwin via Deacon: Negative and Positive Approaches to (Natural) Evolution
José María Díaz Nafría eSubsidiatity: An Ethical Approach for living in complexity


Rainer E. Zimmermann, Studies, University of Applied Sciences Munich (Institut für Design Science München)


The various aspects of an ethics that is based on the conception of systems have been discussed at the recent EMCSR 2014 meeting in an appropriate panel. The results will be published soon in the “Systema” journal. However, during the EMCSR meeting and afterwards, at this year’s (2014) ISFR conversation meeting in Linz, it has turned out that the ongoing discourse about this topic is rather difficult and not very satisfactory after all, because even within the systems community the utilized concepts are far from clear. In fact, concepts are interpreted and used in a wide variety of versions such that effective communication about them is encumbered and their understanding essentially obstructed.