A citizens web for our planet

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dirk Helbing from the ETH Zürich – who was the main initiator of FuturICT, a Future Emerging Technologies EU research programme flagship application which, unfortunately, failed in the competition against the Human Brain project and the Graphene project (see a comment here) – will give a talk.

The Internet of Things can become a “Planetary Nervous System“, Helbing is convinced. That Planetary Nervous System, however, shall not become a Big Data platform for Big Brothers but rather be “built by citizens and for citizens”, a “Citizen Web“, “open, privacy-preserving and participatory”. Helbing envisions a “novel social mining paradigm”: “Users are provided with freedom and incentives to share, collect and, at the same time, protect data of their digital environment in real-time.”

Summit attendees will be curious about how that can work.

They can listen to Helbing’s keynote on the 5th of June in the framework of the “Global Brain” Track.

(photos: the Global Brain Institute)

See the TEDx video with Helbing’s talk on Creating a planetary nervous system together.

Learn more about Dirk Helbings publications here.

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